Esri Canada User Conference – Kelowna

Learn about the latest advances in GIS technology and hear firsthand how others in your community are applying geographic knowledge and using it to solve the many challenges of our world. Discover what’s new in ArcGIS 10.1, this release continues to build upon many of the themes and enhancements introduced in 10 to improve productivity and connectivity.



Camping spot anyone?

With what seems like spring around the corner time to start looking for that new camping spot. You will like this website and its many features. Enjoy……

Cool images

I hope most of you have been enjoying the unique photographs as part of the header on this website. They are all unique and taken by be in various parts of the world during my travels. Some photographs have the power to take your mind to those exact spots even if it just for a moment. 

enjoy ! 

Reading week already !

I can hardly believe that it is February 2013 and reading week. The finish line is in sight but most of all I am having more fun doing some of the tasks and projects than I thought I would. Of personal interest is listening to guest speakers that are coming in as part of one of our classes. It is interesting to see the different GIS paths one can take but what they all have in common is that they really love what they are doing. This is very encouraging one you have been in class for a long time.